Cheap & Cheerful For The Buyers, Golden Goose For The Sellers

Up until recent times, buying and selling used equipment on the internet was quite difficult and time-consuming. Now that marketing providers like AssetTrader are able to offer multilingual assistance all over the world, the era of used machinery has finally begun.

The economic forecasts for 2009 speak of crisis and recession. However, the credit crunch is also triggering some very interesting business trends, as most company owners are busy finding solutions to their liquidity problems. For instance, the online purchase of used and new industrial assets is helping many start-ups and SMEs that don’t have unlimited budgets to invest in equipment outsourcing. There was a time when buying a used crawler dozer could sound a bit odd: finding the right model, receiving support and advice, or trusting your dealer could represent a problem. However, now that marketing providers like AssetTrader are able to offer multilingual assistance all over the world, the era of used machinery has finally begun.

The end-of-the-year calculations done by virtual marketplace AssetTrader, which connects traders from all over the world, are everything but gloomy: 318,000 buyers for Q3 2008, approximately 22,811 item views per day since October 2008, with a database of over 60,000 (and growing) industrial machines and vehicles. 2009 is looking good for the London-based B2B portal, which is growing at a steady pace.

Several new developments are underway. Firstly, AssetTrader is about to lauch a brand new website that will provide its target users with the best marketing services available on the World Wide Web. There will be a significant improvement in terms of graphical and textual information. The assets on sale will be grouped into industry sectors: Construction & Mining, Materials Handling, Farming & Forestry, Road Transport, Engines & Generators. In addition to these ‘traditional’ categories, users will find some new sectors: Aviation & Shipping, Information Technology and Medical Equipment. The platform interface will be easier to use, thanks to the improved search & listings page layout. Sellers of industrial machinery will benefit from the option of setting up customisable home pages where AssetTrader’s dedicated sales managers upload contacts, pictures, logos, and product descriptions.
AssetTrader has also designed a new multilingual platform: AssetTrader Polska is finally available to Polish buyers and sellers living in Poland and abroad. The London-based B2B portal is determined to enhance its already strong customer base in Central and Eastern Europe. This is mainly because countries like Poland are showing a great development potential and a strong interest in international trade.
Saluting 2009 with optimism, AssetTrader has just implemented a wide range of Innovative Marketing Services that are not available elsewhere. First of all, the marketing team can now offer its customers a targeted campaign via major search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MAN, and so on). Brand enhancement can also be achieved by placing text banners that promote the partner company on selected category/subcategory pages. Another unique feature of the professional packages is the Pricing Service for selected items, which is calculated from AssetTrader’s extensive database of machines and vehicles. The most original option is perhaps the Press Release Service, which can benefit busy company owners who do not have the time or the personnel to write and distribute articles on the web.

As of January 2009, the website has approximately 9,000 registered users from Europe, the U.S., Asia and Latin America. The reason for this success is very simple: companies that register with AssetTrader report a significant increase in their profits. According to Stefano Rinaldi, account manager responsible for Mediterranean Europe and Latin America, a subscription to AssetTrader does make a difference: “The most common figure our registered users can expect ranges between 10 to 15% increase, but there are isolated cases where AssetTrader has contributed to up 25 to 30 % on their revenue. Of course, these figures are strongly affected by quality issues: better machines in better conditions tend to sell quicker and at a better price. Another important factor is the seller’s past experience and willingness to respond positively to the export possibilities AssetTrader can suggest.”

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