The Press Factor - Press Release Strategy In Five Simple Steps

Writing and distributing a Press Release can be a smart way of promoting your business. Online marketplace AssetTrader, specialized in the trade of used and new industrial equipment, gives you a few tips towards a successful Press Release Strategy.

In the age of the credit crunch, it is more important than ever to promote your business on a global level. Recent studies on SME and start-up performances have shown that cutting marketing budgets can lead to decreased visibility, which in turn can bring less profits. This doesn't mean that small and medium sized businesses need to spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertisement. For instance, writing and distributing a Press Release is a cost-effective way to promote your company. You need to find something about your work that can be of interest to as many people as possible. Of course, reaching your targeted users remains a top priority.
Are you a Press Release novice, unsure about which way to go? No need to panic. Online marketplace AssetTrader, specialized in the trade of used and new industrial equipment, has put together the following hot tips:

1. Angle. Choose an aspect of your business that you want to publicize. It could be the launch of a new product or service, a glamourous event/award ceremony, an important promotion, a major accomplishment in business profile/sales, an interesting research, or even a funny story originated from your company’s social network.
2. Press Monitoring. Contextualize your news, adding some economic/social/cultural background. Read the general press. Scout for major news on the financial front. Check the trade papers, looking for new developments and trends within your specific sector: agriculture, industry, transport, and so on.
3. Elaboration. Write your text as clearly and concisely as possible. Remember: a Press Release is not an advertisement – it shouldn’t sound too biased. Avoid salesy language. Keep it informative and interesting. More importantly, don’t forget to add a quote: your Press Release will be rejected if it doesn’t have one. If you encounter difficulties with the format, you can refer to a template – there are hundreds of them available on the internet.
4. Distribution. Find suitable channels for your Press Release. For example, a provider of marketing services, or a Press Release distribution website. Online distribution is usually cheaper than print/broadcast and, according to latest research, it can be even more effective. This is because internet browsing is subject to the user’s control – which means that you are reached by your targeted customers, and not only by a mildly interested general public. If your job is to sell tractors, you want to be read by farmers.
5. Translation. As the world economy becomes increasingly global, you need to open your horizons to new markets. Having a Press Release translated in several languages is a good way to make sure that many consumers abroad will talk about your products or services.
If you are too busy to write and distribute a Press Release yourself, or you simply feel you don’t have the necessary expertise, don’t give up. You can rely on global marketing providers like AssetTrader, which will create a customized Press Release Strategy for your company. Lara Celenza, web content manager at AssetTrader, explains the process: “Firstly, we work together with the customer to find the right topic and angle. Then, we create an article that highlights the company’s strenghts while being informative and eye-catching at the same time. Once the customer is happy and the Press Release is approved, we publish it on the AssetTrader network of websites. This process alone guarantees a high visibility factor, because AssetTrader is visited by ....(??) business people every day. In addition, we can send the article out to PR online distribution services. Customers can also have their Press Release translated in several languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish. The whole process is very flexible and customizable – we can change content and channels depending on the nature of the business involved.”

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