Six Years Of Asset Trading

Online marketplace AssetTrader, specialized in the trade of used and new business equipment, presents a brief company history and factsheet.

The beginning of 21st century saw the boom of e-commerce, together with a steady growth of online purchases. More and more used items began to appear on the internet: from household furniture to beauty products. A humourous character even attempted to sell his mother-in-law on an online auction website. Several companies needed a virtual shopfront that would allow them to sell their underused assets, in order to save money otherwise destined to cover storage and depreciation costs. Since the rising cost of raw materials (ex. steel) was forcing manufacturing companies to put up the prices of new products, some businesses - especially start-ups and SMEs - started to source their equipment on the used market. There were also company owners happy to do both things: sell items when they no longer needed them and purchase other items when they did.

On 1st December 2003, business partners Eric Usher and Paul Holladay founded AssetTrader – an online marketplace where companies and individuals list items of industrial equipment for sale in order to gain exposure to a global customer base. The website was then relaunched in April 2008 to improve user functionality. In September 2008, AssetTrader received its first external seed investment from private investors. As of January 2009, the website has approximately 9,000 registered users. The AssetTrader platform is owned by Epic Worldwide Ltd, a British company that also manages a number of online retail sites including iTripStore. AssetTrader holds a regularly updated inventory of agricultural, manufacturing and construction machinery available for sale from major dealers and private sellers through to original equipment manufacturers. The original UK website is accompanied by geographically targeted websites in several other languages. AssetTrader’s account managers are able to offer full multilingual support in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

AssetTrader provides a comprehensive platform enabling companies to sell their business assets. Companies get a personalized mini-site showing all their inventory for sale, also available on the website’s main search interface. AssetTrader does not participate in the sales or negotiation process, however, it facilitates the trading procedure by filtering out spam, making sure contact details are active, and enhancing the company’s visibility on the World Wide Web through SEO strategies. For regular sellers, listings are branded with company logos. Furthermore, AssetTrader offers an update service to keep sales inventory up to date. First time buyers typically find AssetTrader through search results from major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Msn. Once on the site, buyers search for their item or piece of equipment. Enquiries are sorted by location and relevance, but a more advanced search is also available.

With over 25,000 potential buyers per month visiting a database of 60,000 assets
available for sale from reputable dealers, AssetTrader has recently celebrated a successful 2008. The year 2009 will see further developments. First of all, the online marketplace is launching a brand new website, which marks a significant improvement in terms of graphical and textual information. The assets on sale are grouped into industry sectors: Construction & Mining, Materials Handling, Farming & Forestry and Road Transport. In addition to these ‘traditional’ categories, users will find three new sectors: Aviation & Shipping, Information Technology and Medical Equipment. Another important addition is AssetTrader Polska, the brand new Polish platform that will connect Polish-speaking buyers and sellers from Eastern Europe and beyond.

Ready to face the credit crunch with optimism, AssetTrader has just implemented a wide range of Innovative Marketing Services that are not available elsewhere. First of all, the marketing team can now offer its customers a targeted campaign via major search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MAN, and so on). Brand enhancement can also be achieved by placing text banners that promote the partner company on selected category/subcategory pages. Another unique feature of the professional packages is the Pricing Service for selected items, which is calculated from AssetTrader’s extensive database of machines and vehicles. The most original option is perhaps the Press Release Service, which can benefit busy company owners who do not have the time or the personnel to write and distribute articles on the web. Working together with the client, the AssetTrader team produces a piece about a topic chosen by the customer, which is connected to the relevant industry sector. Recent studies have shown that a press article is an invaluable tool for enhancing brand awareness and raising company profile. Last but not least, AssetTrader is looking to sign up partners to provide a unique package of services: not just online trade, but also escrow, transport, currency exchange and valuation.

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