Assettrader Enters The Computer Arena

With consumers more and more worried about the global crisis, computer sales are decreasing pretty much everywhere. On the contrary, the used market is performing quite well. Online marketplace AssetTrader has decided to launch a brand new trading platform for used IT Equipment.

London-based B2B portal AssetTrader, specialized in the online trade of industrial assets, is determined to expand its customer base by entering new sectors. In the past couple of years, the company has been working hard to build its reputation as a reputable marketplace where buyers and sellers of agricultural machinery & industrial vehicles connect. It looks like the efforts paid back since, despite the credit crunch, AssetTrader has grown to over 25,000 potential buyers per month visiting a database of over 60,000 assets. As of January 2009, the website has approximately 9,000 registered users. CEOs Eric Usher and Paul Holladay are now determined to encourage this momentum by conquering new markets.

After launching a refashioned website and a new multilingual platform (Polish), AssetTrader has decided to add the IT equipment category to its game bag.
Compared to agricultural and industrial machinery, the online purchase of used desktops, servers and laptops seems more like common practice to the average user. According to Dow Jones Newswires, end-of-the-year computer sales have been worse than expected for all the major IT manufacturers from the U.S., Japan and beyond. It looks like most consumers – private individuals as well as company owners – fear for their job and their
bank account. As a consequence, they are much less inclined to splurge. Even Asia, traditional computer sales paradise, has been hit by the crisis: IT research firm Gartner Inc. reports a shipment growth of 1.8% - the worst figure ever recorded in the region. Some products are being more penalized by the crisis, such as desktop computers, which are loosing ground to cheaper, smaller notebooks and netbooks.

Under actual market conditions, more and more consumers are turning to the used market for their IT equipment needs. This is one of the motives behind AssetTrader’s decision to enter the computer arena with a new trading platform, available online in a variety of languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and so on. Paul Holladay, CEO of AssetTrader, comments: “AssetTrader guarantees access to cost-effective, safe deals on the internet. At the moment, we are launching a new platform for IT Equipment. B2B portals like AssetTrader are safer than e-Bay, since we only register reputable traders from all over the world. Every contact is manually verified by our sales managers, filtering out spam and potentially suspicious material. Ever since we started, we committed ourselves to making the whole experience of trading online as safe and profitable as possible. The process of buying and selling used desktops, laptops and servers has been made easy not only for the IT professional, but also for the average user. For example, many company owners who need to outsource their IT Equipment without spending massive budgets are turning to our user-friendly network to mare sure they get precisely what they want.”

AssetTrader’s IT Equipment database can be viewed at

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