Diagnosis Looks Good For Used Medical Equipment

Following many hospitals’ decision to cut on capital spending, the online trade of used medical equipment is a growing trend. Responsive to the market’s changing needs, AssetTrader unveils a brand new trading platform for medical equipment.

London-based B2B portal AssetTrader, specialized in the online trade of industrial assets, is determined to expand its customer base by entering new sectors. In the past couple of years, the company has been working hard to build its reputation as a reputable marketplace where buyers and sellers of agricultural machinery & industrial vehicles connect. It looks like the efforts paid back since, despite the credit crunch, AssetTrader has grown to over 25,000 potential buyers per month visiting a database of over 60,000 assets. As of January 2009, the website has approximately 9,000 registered users. CEOs Eric Usher and Paul Holladay are now determined to encourage this momentum by conquering new markets.

After launching a refashioned website and a new multilingual platform (Polish), AssetTrader has decided to add the Medical Equipment category to its game bag. The company believes that this is the right time to publicize the online trade of diagnostic, therapeutic, life support, monitoring and lab equipment. On 9th January, Forbes reported a slump in shares of medical equipment makers. According to the American media company, hospitals are cutting on capital spending as a result of the credit crisis. Given the circumstances, it seems likely that buying machines on the used market will become a common business practice for hospital managers. Other than being obviously cheaper than new machines, used ones can offer optimal performances - as long as they come from reputable dealers providing assistance and quality control.

Eric Usher explains: “ AssetTrader guarantees access to cost-effective, safe deals on the internet. We only register reputable traders from all over the world. Every contact is manually verified by our sales managers, filtering out spam and potentially suspicious material. Ever since we started, we committed ourselves to making the whole experience of trading online as safe and profitable as possible. At the moment, we are working on a Medical Equipment platform to connect traders and hospitals from Europe, the U.S., Asia and Latin America. Biomedical equipment buyers and technicians will soon be available to browse AssetTrader’s global database of items - including Gastroscopes, Phototherapy Units, Pacemakers, Lasers, Defibrillators, Test Equipment & Tools, Implants, Pumps and Air Conditioners. Our sellers can testify each product’s compliance to rigorous safety standards. Outsourcing equipment for hospitals and laboratories will be cheaper, easier and more time-saving than ever.”

AssetTrader’s Medical Equipment database can be viewed at

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