E-commerce In The Fast Lane

AssetTrader launches a brand new website, a Polish platform and a wide range of innovative marketing services available to its registered users from all over the world

Online marketplace AssetTrader, which connects buyers and sellers of used and new industrial equipment around the world, is growing at a steady pace. The London-based portal is about to lauch a brand new website that will provide its target users with the best marketing services available on the World Wide Web. There will be a significant improvement in terms of graphical and textual information. The assets on sale will be grouped into industry sectors: Construction & Mining, Materials Handling, Farming & Forestry and Road Transport. In addition to these ‘traditional’ categories, users will find some new sectors: Aviation & Shipping, Information Technology and Medical Equipment. The platform interface will be easier to use, thanks to the improved search & listings page layout. Sellers of industrial machinery will benefit from the option of setting up customisable home pages where AssetTrader’s dedicated sales managers upload contacts, pictures and logos, product descriptions.

Founded on 1st December 2003 by Eric Usher and Paul Holladay, AssetTrader has received its first external seed investment from private investors. As of January 2009, the website has approximately 9,000 registered users from Europe, the U.S., Asia and Latin America. Ready to face the credit crunch with a proactive attitude, AssetTrader has recently launched a new multilingual domain: http://www.assettrader.pl
AssetTrader Polska is finally available to Polish buyers and sellers living in Poland and abroad. The London-based B2B portal is determined to enhance its already strong customer base in Central and Eastern Europe. This is mainly because countries like Poland are showing a great development potential and a strong interest in international trade.

Saluting 2009 with optimism, AssetTrader has just implemented a wide range of Innovative Marketing Services that are not available elsewhere. First of all, the marketing team can now offer its customers a targeted campaign via major search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MAN, and so on). Brand enhancement can also be achieved by placing text banners that promote the partner company on selected category/subcategory pages. Another unique feature of the premium packages is the Pricing Service for selected items, which is calculated from AssetTrader’s extensive database of machines and vehicles. The most original option is perhaps the Press Release Service, which can benefit busy company owners who do not have the time or the personnel to write and distribute articles on the web. Working together with the client, the AssetTrader team produces a piece about a topic chosen by the customer, which is connected to the relevant industry sector. A press article is an invaluable tool for enhancing brand awareness and raising company profile.

Eric Usher, CEO at AssetTrader, recently said: “We are working towards a continuous improvement in the variety and scope of our services. AssetTrader is looking to sign up partners to provide a unique package of services: not just online trade, but also escrow, transport, currency exchange and valuation. I believe that hosting a database of machinery is not enough to meet the challenges of our credit-crunchy times. This is why AssetTrader is determined to offer its customers an unparalleled range of services, which span from outsorcing equipment to creating an effective marketing strategy.”

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