Assettrader Announces Major Website Makeover

Online B2B portal AssetTrader is about to launch a fully refashioned network of websites to attract buyers and sellers of industrial equipment from all over the world

The credit crunch is posing a strain on most businesses, especially start-ups and SMEs. In order to face the crisis, some company owners are bringing down their advertising and marketing budget. However, this measure is a false friend: it might save companies cash in the here and now, but it can prove itself disastrous in the long run. If a business fails to craft the best marketing strategy, the main risk is that the boat will sink in an ocean of competition. If you are a company owner worried about the effects of the global crisis, you must be aware that the key to good results is reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time. This rule is particularly true in times of economic downturn, because potential customers watch their spending carefully and therefore are bound to be more selective in their choices.

Behavioural tests on the web have demonstrated that the tolerance ratio for difficult designs or slow sites is very low. Users don’t want to spend ages figuring out how an interface works, nor they’re willing to waste their time waiting for a webpage to load. In the ever-growing world of online trade, having a user-friendly website is a vital factor and not merely an option. This is one of the reasons behind B2B portal AssetTrader’s decision to start a full refashioning of the website. The London-based virtual marketplace, which connects buyers and sellers of industrial equipment from all over the world, is about to lauch a brand new shopfront that will provide its target users with the best marketing services available on the World Wide Web.

First of all, there will be a significant improvement in terms of graphical and textual information available on the website. The assets on sale will be grouped into industry sectors: Construction & Mining, Materials Handling, Farming & Forestry and Road Transport. In addition to these ‘traditional’ categories, users will find some new sectors: Aviation & Shipping, Information Technology and Medical Equipment. The platform
interface will be easier to use, thanks to the improved search & listings page layout. Sellers of industrial machinery will benefit from the option of setting up customisable home pages where AssetTrader’s dedicated sales managers upload contacts, pictures and logos, product descriptions.

With over 25,000 potential buyers per month visiting a database of 60,000 assets
available for sale from reputable dealers, AssetTrader has recently celebrated a successful 2008. CEOs Eric Usher and Paul Holladay are now saluting 2009 with optimism. They are determined to offer services that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. These include the ability to search using multiple variables (e.g. for excavators: weight, bucket size etc.), and pricing analytics for particular machines (e.g. trends in pricing for models by year). Besides, AssetTrader is looking to sign up partners to provide a unique package of services: not just online trade, but also escrow, transport, currency exchange and valuation.

Eric Usher seems satisfied with the latest developments: “Mid-February will see the launch of a brand new network of multilingual websites. We’re collecting feedback from our users, running tests to make sure that the refashioned platform works even better. The brand new AssetTrader will be faster and easier to use – leading to more targeted sales enquiries and a higher conversion rate of leads to sales for our sellers. Among other things, we are launching a Press Release page featuring in-house research and updates on the latest industry trends. We believe that, as time goes by, our new logo will become the symbol of good-quality industrial equipment from Europe, the U.S., Asia and Latin America.”

AssetTrader’s new network of websites is expected to be up and running by the end of next month.

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