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B2B portal AssetTrader launches brand new multilingual website in Polish

Online marketplace AssetTrader, specialized in the trade of used and new industrial assets, has recently launched a new multilingual domain:
AssetTrader Polska is finally available to Polish buyers and sellers living in Poland and abroad. The London-based B2B portal is determined to enhance its already strong customer base in Central and Eastern Europe.

In recent years, Poland has been undergoing a continuous process of growth and structural change. Thanks to a policy of reforms and liberalization, Poland is now a successful example of the transition from a state-directed, centralized economy to a primarily privately-owned market one. Warsaw is working hard towards 2012, when the country is expected to have met the strict economic criteria for entry into the European Single Currency. The currency shift from złoty to euro could lead to a further increase in foreign investment, which is already quite substantial due to investment-friendly governmental laws. Since 1990, the country has received over $50 billion in direct foreign investment. From a businessman’s viewpoint, Poland is an attractive hub: several options for state aid, a strong economic growth potential, a stable political system, a large domestic market and – last but not least – the EU membership (since May 2004).
Traditionally associated with small-sized private farms, Poland is the leading European producer of rye and potatoes. Agriculture employs 16.1% of the work force, contributing to a relatively low 3.8% of the GDP. As for industry, the country produces a wide range of commodities including the following types of machinery: transport equipment, cars and buses, planes and helicopters, ships, locomotives and military vehicles.

Ivan Kotorov, account manager responsible for Poland and Eastern Europe, claims that the new Polish domain will greatly enhance the partner companies’ visibility on the World Wide Web: “AssetTrader offers multilingual marketing services on a global level. This includes East European countries such as Poland, which is showing a great development potential and a strong interest in international trade. Our team of localization experts has designed a Polish platform where buyers and sellers of machinery can connect. Poland is the biggest emerging market in Europe, and the recent rise in construction activities is not likely to be profoundly affected by the current economic slump. The market for used construction machinery is virtually insatiable, as there are few local manufacturers of quality machinery, and Western manufacturers enjoy an enviable reputation. All this has lead to a rise in the number of local dealers specializing in the import of machinery. The growth of the retail sector has been a major contributor to the overall GDP growth, triggering an increase in the current demand for material handling and storage equipment. So far, many Polish companies have been largely excluded from the international machinery market because of the lack of platforms in the Polish language. More local companies can now be expected to start sourcing their machinery over the Internet. The launch of AssetTrader Polska opens up a vital new market for Western manufacturers and dealers - AssetTrader members are expecting a significant increase in the level of buyers’ enquiries from Poland.”

AssetTrader Polska is available online at

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